Taipei Yongxin Fengcha Milk Tea Specialty has launched a new spring menu, with new flavors for staple food, drinks, and desserts.

(Photo/photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)

The "Yongxin Fengcha Milk Tea Specialty Shop", which specializes in pot-boiled milk tea, has become a hot spot when it opened. It will celebrate its second anniversary in March this year. It will launch a new spring menu and invite well-known illustrators and florists to exhibit in the store. The new tea-based dessert "Thousand-layer Cake", "Noodle Tea Milk Cover" and "Oolong Milk Tea" are full of tea-flavored drinks. Every mouthful is full of spring flavor. Eat your main meal and snacks!

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Located on the second floor of Breeze Nanshan Aitolier, "Yongxin Fengcha Milk Tea Specialty Office" features pot-boiled milk tea, exclusive tea-based desserts and southern Taiwanese cuisine. This year, it specially invited the winner of the 2021 Taipei Illustration Art Festival - Curator Artist Beyrl Wu, who won the People's Award, held the "Spring Heart Blossoms" illustration exhibition in the store. At the same time, OPM Flourist, a florist based in France, designed spring flower arrangements to bring a bright and colorful atmosphere of love to the dining environment.

Yongxin Fengcha Milk Tea Institute invites illustrators and flower artists to exhibit in the store, creating a colorful and spring-like style.

(Photo/Provided by Yongxin Fengcha Milk Tea Specialty)

The six new main courses inherit the techniques of Taiwanese cuisine and have changed to an upgraded version of the taste, "Cherry Duck Breast Meat Rice" and "Milkfish and Seafood Cooked Rice", which continue the southern snack style and give it a delicate texture; "Spicy Root and Spicy Beef Rice" Retain the unrestrained aroma of table-style stir-fry, and the beef ribs are full of portion; "Scallion Chicken Chop Bowl" combines Japanese concepts, thick-cut chicken chops are crispy and tender, satisfying the pleasure of eating meat; "Tiao" is a fusion of Hakka noodles, stir-fried with fried shallots and served with fresh shrimps.

Dried duck breast rice with cherry is 330 yuan.

(Photo/photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)

Table-style pork ribs cooking rice 320 yuan.

(Photo/photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)

Shrimp Hakka fried rice noodles 330 yuan.

(Photo/photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)

Dessert drinks have always been the most popular milk tea place!

The three new beverages include "Honey Fragrance Black Tea Milk Cap" and "Red Jade Noodle Tea Milk Cap". , exudes an elegant fragrance, it is recommended to add brown sugar pearls for a more chewy taste.

The new masterpieces of desserts are "Lishan Cheese Roll" and "Lishan Oolong Melaleuca". You can also have it at the milk tea place on weekdays!

Cuifeng Oolong Milk Tea on the left is 150 yuan, and honey fragrant black tea milk cap on the right is 150 yuan.

On the left, Lishan Oolong Melaleuca is 220 yuan, and on the right, brown sugar Tieguanyin Melaleuca is 200 yuan.

(Photo/photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)

Pear mountain cheese roll 160 yuan.

(Photo/photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)

Now, as long as you order rice and noodle items at the milk tea specialty store, you can get a food collection point card.

A staple food is 1 point, and you can exchange for a small snack if you collect 6 points, and you can get a main meal for free if you collect 12 points. You might as well take advantage of the spring season to visit the art exhibition and enjoy a wonderful meal order it!


Yongxin Fengcha Milk Tea Specialist

Tel: 02-2722-0876

Address: 2nd Floor, No. 17, Songzhi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City (Breeze Nanshan)

"Spring Heart Blossoms" Beryl Wu Illustration Exhibition

Time: From now on to 4/30, 11:00 to 21:30

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