"The increase in chicken pox is expected. Now is the season of airborne infections, and the anti-epidemic measures that have been in place since 2020 have led to the containment of scarlet fever and chicken pox as well. Once the measures are lifted, these pathogens find a way to spread." .

This was emphasized by the epidemiologist and lecturer at the Medical University, Dr. Christiana Batselova.

According to her, the greatest risk of infection is in organized collectives - nurseries and children's groups and schools.

Varicella zoster virus, which causes chicken pox, is the second most contagious virus after measles and is a highly contagious disease.

A source of infection can be both a chickenpox patient and a herpes zoster patient.

The virus is maintained in nature by adults who have had chicken pox and develop shingles at some point in their lives.

They are contagious and usually infect their grandchildren, and from there the epidemic explosion in childcare facilities begins.

RZI: We do not have an emergency with chicken pox and scarlet fever

"Therefore, it should be borne in mind that when there is a person with herpes zoster, he should not come into contact with people who have not had chickenpox or who have not been vaccinated. The disease is easily transmitted in a room by sneezing, coughing, talking."

Dr. Bacelova also emphasized that the vaccine has a high degree of effectiveness - over 95% and is of proven safety.

This means that if the body does not respond to the first dose, it will necessarily respond to the second.

With two doses, life-long immunity against the disease is acquired. 

Such a vaccine can be given to all persons over 9 months of age who have not had chickenpox.

Pregnant women and persons with congenital or acquired immune deficiency should not get the vaccine.

Any doctor, if he wishes, can administer the vaccine, which is not mandatory.

"However, it is important to know that this is a live vaccine and it must be stored and transported at a temperature between 2 and 8 degrees, not left outside the refrigerator."

General practitioner: Children who have not had chicken pox should be vaccinated

General practitioners have sufficient experience with these diseases, which have characteristic symptoms.

However, patients should not refuse antibiotic treatment if it is recommended by doctors, because the disease can lead to fatal consequences for the heart and kidneys.

Adults very rarely suffer from scarlet fever, and it rather occurs with the symptoms of angina.

Dr. Bacelova was categorical that the situation with the two diseases in our country is not extraordinary and at the beginning of the summer they will begin to subside. 

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