[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taichung Report] Chen Peiqi finished the Sanli 8 o'clock file "The Proud Girl of Heaven" in 2021, and did not take on longevity dramas. After that, the two albums also mainly featured guest appearances. Recently, he took over the new 8 o'clock file "" "The Way of Heaven", she appeared today (22nd) at Lihpao Motorsports in Taichung with Miao Keli and Wang Zhenfu, and attended the cast press conference. The interview revealed that she had symptoms of autonomic nervous disorder, long needle eyes, and twitching eyelids. She thought she would return to the battlefield Every moment is like a war, "It doesn't matter, everything will happen naturally, I promise to perform, and I will definitely go all out."

Chen Peiqi (from left), Wang Zhenfu, and Miao Keli went to Taichung Lihpao Motorsports to attend the press conference for the casting of "Tiandao".

(provided by Sanli)

Chen Peiqi returned after a one-year break. She seemed to be in good condition. When asked if she was in a relationship, she revealed that she had been vacant for a while, and she still had expectations for the relationship. What she wanted to do, but she didn’t want to share with everyone what she did. She only said that there are charitable and profitable ones. Know what I'm doing because I care about my private life."

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In addition, Chen Peiqi is also actively rehabilitating the shoulder and neck. At the beginning, the pain was so painful that I burst into tears. With perseverance and hard work, the recovery has reached 90%. "Although the process is very hard, it makes me feel very happy and has a sense of accomplishment. Because I have broken through myself, during the year of rest, I have done many things that others are not easy to do, and I have a full sense of accomplishment, very happy and very happy.”

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