Wu Yixuan (right) and Lin Daiying visited Japanese shrines and posted many beautiful photos.

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〔Reporter Lin Xinying/Taipei Report〕The popular Lotte Girls are constantly invited to international events this year. Wu Yixuan and "Antelope Xiaolu" Lin Daiying were recently invited to Miyazu City, Kyoto, Japan to promote "Amanohashidate", one of Japan's three scenic spots. Beautiful photos were posted on the community, and the sweet dress attracted the attention of fans.

"Amanohashidate" in Japan is a naturally formed sandbar about 3.6 kilometers long.

It has a very beautiful legend. It is said that in the past, the bridge between the Japanese gods and the heavens and the earth accidentally collapsed and fell to the world.

Therefore, the Japanese have a very special way to visit Amanohashidate, which is to look back from the crotch. In this way, the sandbar is like a bridge suspended in the sky. Such a unique beauty spread like wildfire, attracting many people to come to pilgrimage.

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Wu Yixuan and Lin Daiying visited a Japanese shrine.

(reposted from IG)

Wu Yixuan said that she was very happy to have this opportunity to promote the beautiful scenery of Japan. These scenic spots are very beautiful, but ordinary tourists rarely come here. It is a pity that the two of them also posted many beautiful photos, including one with two people writing ema At that time, Lin Daiying slipped his sweater on his shoulders, and the career line and the northern hemisphere loomed, making fans eat ice cream.

Lin Daiying made a promise with confidence: "Whether you come here to take the cable car or use the Dragon Ball Wishing Ball to pray for blessings, it is very unique. If you have time, you must come to Amanohashidate in Miyazu. I guarantee that this trip will be worthwhile."

The two are also vigorously promoting on their personal social platforms, hoping that through their own strength, more people will notice the unique beauty of Japan and build a sightseeing bridge between the two countries.

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