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Chef Andre Tokev will not join Nova TV, although he recently toured in the "Hill's Kitchens" show, according to the latest news in the corridors of the media.

The famous chef and restaurateur remains at bTV for now - information that he himself recently confirmed.

"I'm at such a stage that I'm thinking about new projects. At the moment, my show "Food Hunters" is also running. Petar Mikhalchev and I only guested on "Hell's Kitchen" at the invitation of Viktor Angelov, which does not mean that we will have a regular commitment there and in the future.

We just ate, drank and remembered the old times when the three of us were judges in "Masterchef", Tokev shared in a recent interview.

And he adds that in the West it is quite normal for fellow chefs to exchange visits on air, even if they work for competing television stations.

Andre Tokev returns to the screen

From bTV, however, they were never satisfied with the appearance of Tokev on the air of the competing television.

They will even try to limit it with a contract so that it will not be shown elsewhere in the future, writes "Weekend".

Andre Tokev