▲Dr. Wu Huayu diagnosed and treated a case. There was a patient who had a persistent cough due to nasal discharge; the picture shows the situation.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Xuanzhe)

[Reporter Zhang Xuanzhe/Taichung Report] Ms. Zhang in Taichung was diagnosed more than 3 months ago, but she often coughed and couldn't cough up phlegm in her throat. When she was at work, her colleagues heard her coughing and immediately kept their distance. They also found reasons not to go with her at lunch We shared meals together, multiple times of rapid screening and self-funded PCR were all negative. The doctor found that she was allergic to nasal discharge and coughed continuously, which improved after treatment.

Physician Wu Huayu of Dajia Shun'an Hospital said that the patient reported that in the past 3 months after the diagnosis, he had always had a foreign body sensation in his throat, and it was even more uncomfortable when he lay down at night, which seriously affected his life. He kept coughing at work, and his supervisor frequently cared , asked her to go to the hospital for treatment, but she went to many clinics but there was no improvement, especially recently the temperature difference between morning and evening made her itchy throat worse, not only itchy eyes, but also a dry cough at night that affected her sleep.

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Symptoms are worse when sleeping and waking up

Wu Huayu pointed out that according to medical reports, nasal discharge is the most common among chronic coughs.

The cough caused by runny nose is more serious when you go to bed at night or get up in the morning.

One month later, the patient received second-generation antihistamine drugs and local nasal sprays, and Wei taught her to wear a mask when riding a motorcycle, and cleaned her home frequently to reduce allergens. The patient no longer had a dry cough and her sleep improved.

Wu Huayu said that nasal discharge is a normal phenomenon. The glands in the normal nasal cavity and throat will secrete about 1000c.c of mucus within a day to clean the mucous membranes and moisten the air or remove foreign objects in the air.

Among the mucus secreted by the nasal cavity and throat, 1/3 will flow out of the nose, and the rest will flow down the throat and be swallowed into the stomach. Can be confusing.

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