Today is the 3rd anniversary of the death of "National Standard Goddess" Liu Zhen (right).

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Today (22nd) is the 3rd anniversary of the death of "National Standard Goddess" Liu Zhen. The outside world is very concerned about the condition of her husband Xin Long. It was once rumored that Xin Long decided to "not marry for life", and his deep love was moving. Veteran media person Lu Wenwan recently revealed the truth behind the rumors on the show.

Lu Wenwan revealed in the program that Liu Zhen's condition worsened after entering the hospital. Xin Long was too busy with his beloved wife to do his own thing, and rarely spoke out. In the end, it was Wu Zongxian who announced the news of Liu Zhen's death on his behalf.

Therefore, Lu Wenwan believes that it is nonsense for Xin Long to say that he will never marry for life. "So the so-called saying that I will never marry for life is actually obviously impossible for Xin Long to say this." She also revealed that the day before Liu Zhen became a fairy, Xin Long was photographed crying when the iron gate of the mourning hall was pulled down.

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Lu Wenwan exposed the inside story that Xin Long never married.

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The next day, Xin Long did not show up at Liu Zhen's eclosion scene, which aroused heated discussions from the outside world.

In this regard, Lu Wenwan mentioned that there is a custom in Taiwanese funerals that husbands and wives do not send each other off. If the widow is present on the same day, it means "may remarry in this life." Fei Xinlong personally confirmed.

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