"Little Cha" Dylan Sprouse (left) is engaged to "Victoria's Secret Supermodel" Barbara Palvin.

(reposted from IG)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] The popular actor Dylan Sprouse (Dylan Sprouse) who performed in "The Top Life of Xiaocha and Cody" reported that he has been dating "Victoria's Secret Supermodel" Barbara Papa for 5 years Barbara Palvin (Barbara Palvin) proposed marriage, and the two successfully cultivated their love.

According to foreign media "Entertainment Tonight" reports, insiders revealed that "Dylan and Barbara are engaged, and they happily showed the ring to the people around them. The two have always loved each other, and they feel happier when they are with each other. Can't wait to be together." Start a new chapter in your life." In fact, the two were spotted wearing engagement rings when they attended a film festival event together in early March.

Dylan (right) and Barbara often show their affection in the community.

(reposted from IG)

In the past, the couple mentioned the process of getting acquainted with each other in interviews. Dylan took the initiative to ask Barbara to meet through the community, but it took a full 6 months to wait for a response.

The long wait was finally exchanged for the confirmation of each other's hearts. The two became inseparable after they recognized their love, and quickly became one of the fans' favorite couple files.

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