Chen Sheng supported "Guarding the Black-faced Spoonbill" with affection, and shared the song process of creating "The Black-faced Duck Wants Revenge".

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[Reporter Xu Shiying/Taipei Report] The second part of "Flying Across the Ocean", "Guarding the Black-faced Spoonbill", directed by Taiwan's veteran ecological photographer Liang Jiede, held its premiere a few days ago and received good reviews from all walks of life. The good popularity has led to a large number of pre-sales and reservations for the film, especially as many as nearly 40 reservations, so that the film has accumulated more than one million box office records before it is officially released.

Director Liang Jiede (second from right) specially interviewed Chen Sheng (middle) for "Guarding the Black-faced Spoonbill".

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The film took 30 years to record, and a large amount of video materials could not be fully included in the film. The crew released the "Extra Story" special easter egg today. "Treasure Island Singer" Chen Sheng made a surprise appearance. In 1997, the song "Black-faced Duck Wants Revenge" was released. I hope everyone can go to the theater to support the film together, and also join the ranks of protecting the black-faced spoonbill.

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"Guarding the Black-faced Spoonbill" took 30 years to record.

(Provided by Caichang)

Chen Sheng revealed that at the time of creation, the political body was more economical and business-oriented. "Agricultural and artistic events were relatively alienated. At that time, when the black-faced spoonbill incident was about to rise, our leader said: 'About ten years. What does it matter how many birds?’ I thought, of course it does, because all species are linked, so let’s write a black-faced spoonbill song.”

Chen Sheng also added: "We are more familiar with popular channels, and more people in Taiwan will know about it, so in the end, there will be one or two concerts, and we can tell the whole of Taiwan that there is such a thing." Liang Jiede recalled the cooperation process He also revealed: "Brother Chen Sheng is a very easy-going person. When we asked if his music could be used, he said: 'If the record company can do it, I have no problem.' This allowed us to complete this interview very efficiently. "Guarding the Black-faced Spoonbill" was released on Taiwan on Friday (24th).

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