[Reporter Zhong Zhijun/Taipei Report] Director Qian Renhao has filmed Taiwanese films "Z-108 Abandoned City" and "Sea Fog", with mixed reviews, but this year he released a new thriller "Butterfly Mansion". Yesterday (21) The opening ceremony was held. The film was adapted from the two most ferocious ghost buildings in Taipei. Unexpectedly, there was a suspected woman falling from one of the "Jinxin Buildings" yesterday. Some netizens said "Maomao's" and "What a coincidence. .. ".

The film "Butterfly Mansion" opening press conference, (from right) Feng Suifan, Tsao Yu-ning, Yin Xin, Lin Caijie, Bai Runyin.

(File photo, photo by reporter Chen Yikuan)

The cast members of "Butterfly Mansion" include veteran actors Feng Suifan, Yin Xin, Tsao Yu-Ning, etc. It is expected that Bai Ling, Cai Zhennan and He Chaoyi will also be announced in the future; it is such a sensitive issue that the film is adapted from real events , Qian Renhao said, "I have done all the ceremonies, and I have thought about everything I have never thought about." In addition, he also cleverly said: "I have asked the staff not to mention that word, and don't say "good friend". "Neighbors in the Fantasy World"."

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"Butterfly Mansion" director Chin Ren-ho.

(File photo, photo by reporter Chen Yikuan)

In order to present the ghost building and the characters from hell, the crew invited the special effects makeup artist Chu Yuyi of the movie "Curse" and the special effects team to restore the interior space of early Taiwanese apartment buildings in Xizhi's 500-ping studio, creating a strong sense of weirdness.

Among them, Bai Runyin, who is only 13 years old, plays a character with yin and yang eyes in "Butterfly Mansion". In the past, he said in a childlike way that he must first "take a break" for his studies. Did he ask for an extra play this time?

Bai Runyin joked, "I'm not that active, it's all arranged by my dad." Qian Renhao also said that he asked Bai's dad to read the script first before working together.

"Butterfly Mansion" is expected to be released in Taiwan this year.

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