Wu Zun showed off his chocolate skin.

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[Reporter Zhang Yiling/Taipei Report] 43-year-old Wu Zun has always been a fitness fanatic. Before moving to Shanghai with his wife and daughter, he was still exercising on the balcony when the city was closed. In the video, I saw that the whole person was tanned in chocolate color, and his abdominal muscles were in the shape of an ultra-deep ice cube box. The state of "muscular man" made netizens kneel, and Liu Genghong also left a message praising his good figure.

Wu Zun is obsessed with tennis.

(Reposted from Weibo)

Wu Zun revealed that he has learned tennis for a year and a half, and now he is completely hooked. "Fortunately, I had a background in basketball and fitness... These experiences are also very helpful for learning tennis." In the video, he is topless and only wears Playing in the sun in a pair of sports shorts, his hands were bleeding during practice, and his whole body was sweating profusely. He exclaimed, "It's so cool, I just want to sweat like this, keep on sweating!"

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Wu Zun has a proud figure.

(Reposted from Weibo)

Wu Zun said that he often tells his children that learning is the best investment for him. "It may not be useful now, but it will definitely be good for the future. Love and dreams are always so beautiful." Said that he has been working hard for 35 years , looking forward to another 35 years of persistence, and said jokingly: "Men don't like to be called thin."

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