Wei Li'an and his former club Fu Mao Records will move towards reconciliation.

(File photo, photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] In the contract dispute between Wei Li'an and his former owner Fumao Records, the second trial changed the verdict that Wei Li'an only composed 88 songs and did not meet the conditions for termination of the contract. He must pay Fumao 4,886,012 yuan. The statement stated that after winning the case at the second instance, it does not intend to take the initiative to appeal for more compensation, but is willing to start a settlement with Wei Li'an on the contrary.

Formosa Records said, "I have never pursued the artist who broke the contract to the end. I just hope to get everyone's fair recognition. Only when I suffer biased treatment, I have no choice but to go to the law." It is stated that she will not take the initiative to appeal for more compensation, and will not ask Angela Chang to compensate the full amount judged by the court.

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Regarding Wei Li'an's case, Fumao Records responded, "During the lawsuit, we have always adopted an open attitude of reconciliation, but Wei Li'an himself has repeatedly repeated, so Fumao Records can only let the lawsuit continue." Now the second instance trial, hope and Wei Li'an Expand the settlement.

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