"MixerBox ChatAI Browser" is the world's first traditional Chinese AI chat browser equipped with OpenAI GPT-3, supporting iOS and Android phones and tablets.

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One-click integration of ChatGPT, making Siri smarter in one second!

The world's first traditional Chinese version of MixerBox ChatAI browser app created by the Taiwanese team, using the most advanced generative AI technology, supports iPhone and Android phones to download and install.

The MixerBox ChatAI team announced today (3/21) that it has further launched a new function of "Integrating Siri Voice-activated Questions and Answers" for iOS users, allowing Siri to become smarter with the most advanced chat robot ChatGPT.

MixerBox ChatAI browser App, which innovatively integrates Siri voice assistant, ChatGPT chatbot and search function, is fully open for testing from now on, and it is completely free to use.

Fruit fans can realize the classic scene of answering with the AI ​​assistant of the real-life avatar in a science fiction movie anytime, anywhere.

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MixerBox ChatAI integrates Siri voice-activated assistant and ChatGPT chat robot to create a super-powerful and intelligent virtual version of Siri voice chat question and answer.

(Photo provided by MixerBox)

The MixerBox development team stated that the new version of ChatAI has been launched on the App Store and is fully open for testing. General users can avoid complicated steps such as applying for an OpenAI developer account and setting up. Just download and install the MixerBox ChatAI browser, and one click can turn Siri into a fully equipped Smart voice assistant with ChatGPT level.

MixerBox ChatAI integrates Siri voice-activated assistant and ChatGPT chat robot to create a super-powerful and intelligent virtual version of Siri voice chat question and answer.

(Photo provided by MixerBox)

For example, a developer tried the MixerBox ChatAI browser and asked, "What topics should I avoid talking to my relatives during the Qingming Festival?" ChatAI immediately responded with voice that should avoid mentioning "political issues, religious beliefs, money issues, sensitive events, and Past pain and so on.”

Then the developer asked ChatAI, "How to humorously avoid relatives asking about salary income?" ChatAI also suggested an answer in a humorous tone, "My salary is as inestimable as the blessings of my ancestors."

In the past, Siri used general AI natural language processing technology, specializing in performing pre-designed fixed functions.

The ChatGPT equipped with the new version of ChatAI adopts a more advanced AI large-scale language model, and has a variety of interactive problem-solving capabilities, including question and answer, translation, writing programs, and creating various content, etc. It can also remember the context and personalize it answer.

And it can also give different answers to test questions and answers according to different users.

It is reported that the IQ of ChatGPT falls between 80 and 150.

It should be noted that the development team also reminded that if you want to use the Siri integration function, you must upgrade your phone to iOS 16 or above.

After users download the MixerBox ChatAI browser App and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the settings, it only takes three steps to interact with the chatbot to ask and answer questions.

The first step is to wake up Siri first, the second step is to say "Hello MB" command, you can call the AI ​​chat robot, and the third step is to ask ChatAI the question you want to ask, and you can have a voice question and answer between the two parties.

MixerBox is a Super-Apps software technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA, with a R&D team located in Taiwan. In addition to recently launching the world's first traditional Chinese "MixerBox ChatAI Browser App" beta version, its products also include breakthroughs in global 3 100 million downloads, including applications such as the free social positioning artifact "Bing Friends" (BFF), which has captured the download champions in more than 20 countries in Europe and Asia.

"MixerBox ChatAI Browser" beta app is available for free download in the App Store and Google Play: https://mbapp.io/ChatAI