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The Ministry of Health is recruiting candidates for inclusion in a training course "Providing emergency medical assistance by air", this was announced by the department.

The doctors and nurses who have completed the training will be on duty at the Vrazdebna Airport - Sofia and Dolna Mitropolia Airport - Dolna Mitropolia bases.

The training will take place at the Professional Training Center at the Military Medical Academy - Sofia.

The Ministry of Health also indicated the requirements for the candidates

: doctors with acquired specialty "Anesthesiology and resuscitation" or "Anesthesiology and intensive care";

doctors with an acquired specialty "Emergency Medicine" and experience in the specialty for at least 5 years;

doctors-specialists IV course in the specialty "Anesthesiology and intensive care";

nurses - with at least 3 years of experience in a resuscitation and intensive care structure.

Applicants must be proficient in English.

The documents are submitted to the Center for Administrative Services of the Ministry of Health or email address:

The deadline for submitting documents is 21.04.2023, incl.

Document-approved candidates will undergo a medical examination and physical fitness test at the Department of Aviation Medicine of the Military Medical Academy.

Once approved, they will be able to enroll in the air ambulance training course.

The duration of the trainings will be 15 days, and they are expected to start at the beginning of May.

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