Lance Reddick died suddenly on the 17th at the age of 60. The picture shows him attending the premiere of "Defense Mission 3: Total War" in 2019.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] The American actor Lance Reddick, who played the role of the hotel manager "Sharon" in the movie "The Mission" series, passed away naturally at his home in Los Angeles on the morning of the 17th local time at the age of 60.

The film's latest sequel "Defense Mission 4" premiered in Los Angeles on the 20th. The main actors including "Keeko" Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishburne all wore blue ribbons on their chests to mourn him.

Keanu Reeves wears a blue ribbon on his chest at the premiere of "The Good Job 4".

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Keanu Reeves (left) and Lawrence Fishburne attend the premiere of "The Good Job 4".

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The news of Lance's sudden death shocked all the partners who had worked with him. Keanu Levi, who worked with him again on the film, and director Chad Stahelski also issued a joint statement: "We are sorry for the loss of our beloved. Friend and colleague Lance Reddick is deeply saddened. He was an all round professional actor and it was a pleasure to work with him. Our love and prayers are with his widow, children, family and friends. I miss him deeply." He said that he would dedicate the film to him.

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In the series, Ian McShane, who played Winston, was shocked and completely disbelieving, "Lance is a wonderful person and a wonderful partner. My heart goes out to his wife, Stephanie, and their whole family. Deepest condolences, peace and love."

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