Computer generated voice came as soon as the call was made, grandmother got angry on hearing it

Funny videos of grandfather and grandmother often go viral on social media.

Seeing whom people can't stop laughing.

One such video is now going viral on social media.

This video is of a grandmother.

In the video, grandmother is seen talking on the phone.

It seems from the way she talks that she is from Haryana.

Actually, it happened that someone handed over the phone to grandmother, but the person in front did not pick up the phone, then a computer generated voice started coming, in which the girl says that the person in front is not picking up the phone, please try after a while.

What was it then, grandmother got angry in this and she told a lot of lies.

No one is able to stop laughing after listening to whatever grandmother said.

In this 30-second video, grandmother is seen talking on the phone in Haryanvi.

Actually, someone collects the phone and gives it to grandmother.

But the person in front does not pick up the phone.

That's why the woman speaks in a computer generated voice - the person you are calling is not answering... Meanwhile, grandmother gets angry and she says why are you answering then... What do you mean when we are calling… Brother, are you reading the effect of… They start telling lies.

Watch Video:

ChatBot brother,

come to India carefully,

Amma is not going to leave you either.


— Rahul Prakash, IPS (@rahulprakashIPS) March 18, 2023

This video was shared on Twitter by IPS Rahul Prakash (@rahulprakashIPS) and wrote in the caption – ChatBot brother, be careful, come to India, Amma will not leave you either.

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One user wrote - Beginning of the day with a lovely conversation.

Another wrote – Grandma's swag.