The 2nd Taoyuan International Art Award "Peach Creation Award" was won by French artist Delphine Pouille (Delphine Pouille)'s "PULL UP", and the highest prize is 600,000 yuan.

(Provided by the Cultural Affairs Bureau)

[Reporter Xie Wuxiong/Taoyuan Report] The "2023 Taoyuan International Art Award" held an award ceremony at the Performance Center today. This year, there were 62 countries participating and more than 687 groups of artists submitting entries. In the first stage, 15 shortlisted works were selected as "Peach Creation" Winners of "Peach Award", "Entertainment Award" and "Preferred Award", among which the winner of "Peach Creation Award" is Delphine Pouillé (Delphine Pouillé)'s "Pull Up", which can receive a maximum bonus of 600,000 yuan.

As for the "Productivity Plan 2023 Productivity by Labor 2023" winner of the "Entertainment Award", Yen Ran Wang will receive a bonus of 250,000 yuan; there are three winners of the "Excellence Award", Belén Santamarina (Belen Santamarin) "Immigrants, First Skin: Nostalgic Migran-t, First skin: Nostalgi", "I CAN NOT BE WITH YOU" by Yan Jiao (Jiao Yan), Kai Chung Lee "The Shadow Lands Yonder", each of which will receive a prize of 200,000 yuan.

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The award ceremony was presided over by Mayor Zhang Shanzheng. He also mentioned that the "Taoyuan International Art Award" will be transformed into an international call for entries in 2020. Artists are better nourishment towards success.

Wang Lijuan, Acting Director of Taoyuan Municipal Museum of Art, said that the selected works of 15 outstanding artists will be exhibited on the first floor of Taoyuan Performance Center from now until April 30, and guided tours will be held during holidays.

Wang Lijuan said that the second "Taoyuan International Art Award" invited many artists to come to Taiwan to set up exhibitions in person, and also communicate with other artists. The third "Taoyuan International Art Award" will be held in 2025, and Taoyuan Municipal Art Museum will also be completed , I believe there will be a better exhibition space, and an international art exchange platform will be established to establish more international curation and cooperation opportunities.

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