The gentle and vocal singer of Slavi Trifonov - Nevena Tsoneva silenced everyone with the confession she made.

The beauty is still 36 years old, but she had to fight and is currently fighting the consequences of a rather significant illness.

Some time ago, she described that she was diagnosed with tuberculosis, which, however, was latent.

It also triggered problems with the heart, which more than once remain for a whole life, or at least you should be more than precise, both with the treatment and thus with the care.

Next to her, as a big and perhaps the biggest support, is her husband Venelin Venkov, also a musician of Slavi Trifonov.

He and Nevena met and fell in love right around their joint work in Ku-ku band, and to this day they are inseparable.

The coronavirus killed Nevena Tsoneva's father

Atypical for a man, and even less so for a "creative" person, except that Venkov obviously loves Nevena in reality, since after so many years it has not been heard that he has put horns on her.

Venelin was by no means known as a gambler, and Tsoneva hit the jackpot with him.

At the moment, the two are also involved in helping people with various physical or mental problems by describing their experiences or meeting them with various specialists and people who have been through the same thing, who will tell them their stories and give them recommendations, each of which would have a need, says show.blitz.