Luo Yijun, deputy director of the CDC, explained the monkeypox vaccination.

(Photo by reporter Lin Huiqin)

[Reporter Lin Huiqin/Taipei Report] Local monkeypox cases continue to increase, and the risk in the community is increasing. Luo Yijun, deputy director of the CDC of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, said today that the "monkeypox vaccination willingness registration platform" will open to the public at 3 pm today. The assessment of "has had high-risk sexual behavior in the past 6 months" can be registered. It only takes 4 steps to get the vaccine. In the first phase, about 2,500 people will be vaccinated. A total of 6 hospitals will provide vaccinations.

Luo Yijun explained that none of the 10 confirmed local cases of monkeypox are related to each other. They are all sporadic, and it is impossible to confirm whether there is a cluster event. Get vaccinated now and build a stronger firewall.

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Luo Yijun explained that in addition to high-risk contacts of confirmed cases and laboratory operators of orthopoxvirus, etc. who are subject to vaccination, the vaccination services will be arranged by the health unit. If the self-risk assessment "has had high-risk sexual behavior in the past 6 months", For example, patients with sexually transmitted diseases, multiple sexual partners, sex trade service providers, and those who have sex in business places can register at the "Monkeypox Vaccination Registration Platform" at 3 pm today and make appointments for vaccination-related operations.

Monkeypox vaccination schedule.

(Provided by CDC)

Luo Yijun pointed out that considering factors such as the limited amount of vaccines and the characteristics of vaccines at this stage, pre-registration and appointments, centralized vaccinations, and "intradermal" injections are the main method of vaccination operations, in order to maximize the benefits of vaccines. After coordination, six capitals have been set up. Six hospitals provide vaccinations, namely Linsen TCM Kunming Branch of Taipei Municipal United Hospital, Yadong Hospital, Taoyuan Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Chimei Hospital, and Datong Hospital of Kaohsiung City. The opening hours of each hospital are different, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare Taoyuan Hospital will be the earliest at 2 pm tomorrow.

Monkeypox Vaccination in 4 Steps

The first step

is "Registration Required": It is to complete the willingness registration on the willingness registration platform and choose the vaccination hospital. After sending it out, it cannot be modified. Therefore, you must be careful when filling out.

The second step

is "Appointment Letter": According to the order of registration and the available quota of the selected hospital, the public will be notified by email that they can make an appointment for vaccination registration.

The third step

is to complete the appointment registration according to the hospital website link provided in the notification after receiving the appointment letter.

The fourth step

is to bring your ID card or residence card, health insurance card, etc. to the hospital for vaccination. You must show the appointment letter. If you go to the hospital without the appointment letter, the vaccination will not be provided.

Monkeypox vaccination cooperation hospital.

(Provided by CDC)

Luo Yijun explained that the first phase of monkeypox vaccine registration appointment is expected to open from March 21 to April 15, and a total of 2,500 vaccines will be prepared. However, it is roughly estimated that about 20% of the registration appointments will not be made, so the opening quota has reached 3,000.

The 10,000 doses of vaccine purchased in the second phase are expected to arrive in early April.

Luo Yijun also mentioned that the monkeypox vaccine is at public expense, but the public must pay the registration fee. Once the vaccination is completed, there will be a vaccination record card, which will indicate the injection method and remind the second dose of vaccination in 4 weeks.

Eighty-five percent of monkeypox vaccinations may cause pain at the vaccination site due to local inflammation, while others may have generalized muscle pain and other symptoms.

Monkeypox vaccination record card.

(Provided by CDC)

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