Just Sleep Tainan, together with Silks Place Tainan, launched the "buy one night, get one free" value-for-money housing project.

(Provided by Just Sleep Tainan Branch)

[Reporter Zhou Xingrui/Taipei Report] Tainan has historic sites, delicious food, and art and cultural hotspots. Two days and one night are not enough to enjoy, and at least three days and two nights are enough to enjoy. Just Sleep Tainan understands the needs of travelers and cooperates with Silks Place Tainan , launched the "buy one night, get one free" value-for-money housing project, the official website reservations will be open before March 31, and guests who stay at Just Sleep Tainan will receive a voucher for Silks Hotel Tainan, and the project is 6,999 yuan for two people for 2 nights You can stay for two consecutive nights or choose to stay separately. Both nights can enjoy free room upgrades on weekdays, and you can enjoy 30% off when you book a room on the official website and purchase a high-speed rail ticket.

Just Sleep Tainan Branch 1+1 housing project, check-in on weekdays can enjoy free limited upgrade to welcome family room.

(Provided by Just Sleep Tainan Branch)

Regent Hotel Group owns two branded hotels in Tainan. There is the trendy hotel "Jess Hotel Tainan" surrounded by greenery, and the luxurious and Confucian-style "Spirit Hotel Tainan" to meet the different accommodation needs of tourists. , the "buy one night get one free" housing project allows travelers to experience two different styles of hotels at one time. Art and cultural attractions add more wonderful memories to the journey.

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The Tainan Elite Haidong room provided by the project has a comfortable space of 12 square meters. You can enjoy a limited number of free upgrades to the Haidong family room when you stay on weekdays.

(Provided by Just Sleep Tainan Branch)

"Buy 1 night, get 1 free" housing program Stay in the Guyue Room at Just Sleep Tainan Branch, enjoy a limited free upgrade to the Guying Family Room on weekdays, experience the beautiful swimming pool that Wangmei loves to check in, and you can also walk to the Chi Mei Museum and Ten In the Gurentang Cultural and Creative Park, you can feel the rich and diverse artistic and cultural energy. The next morning, you will start a relaxing vacation and leisure mode at the Jie Food Art Restaurant, which has just won the award of the top ten delicious hotel breakfast in Taiwan.

The Haidong room at Silks Place Hotel Tainan, which is matched with the project, can also enjoy a limited number of free upgrades to Haidong family room on weekdays. The location of Silks Place Tainan is excellent, and it is the first choice for city sightseeing. Gourmet snacks, visit historical sites and old alleys, and immerse yourself in the artistic atmosphere of the ancient capital. The order of check-in in the two hotels is not limited, and the stay date is until June 30.

For details, please refer to the official website: https://member.silkshotelgroup.com/JSTD.

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