The 41-year-old Princess of Wales is expanding her mission to care for children.

She has decided to focus on business and finance leaders in the next phase of her campaign to highlight the importance of children's early years.

Princess of Wales / Photo: Associated Press

After working with scientists and mental health experts for the past decade, Princess Kate is now working with businesses.

Her Highness today visited NatWest Bank's London headquarters for the first meeting of her new early childhood development business task force.

Catherine arrived at the event in a $2,190 Alexander Mcqueen milk crepe jacket, accessorized with classic high-waisted black flare pants and a belt, and Gianvito Rrossi black suede pumps.

Princess of Wales / Photo: Associated Press

Princess of Wales / Photo: Associated Press

Kate had loose long hair, make-up with an emphasis on the eyes and pink gloss emphasized the lips.

In the ears were gold earrings-rings.

Catherine looked great.

Princess of Wales / Photo: Associated Press

Speaking to the audience, the princess said that the first five years of a child's life are crucial for their development and what kind of adults they will become.

"And the environment plays a huge role in this development. The healthy development of our children depends on healthy adults. That is why we all have a role to play. And that is why I stand before you to ask you, one of the most influential business leaders in Great Britain, to your support in creating the necessary social change," the Princess of Wales said in her speech.

Princess of Wales / Photo: Associated Press

Princess of Wales / Photo: Associated Press

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