The boy was born on March 21, 2021, at the couple's family home on a Gloucestershire estate.

That day, Zara did not have time to get to the hospital due to the fact that labor began rapidly and she gave birth to her son on the bathroom floor.

Most likely, in the presence of a midwife or a whole team of specialists.

Zara Tindall with her husband Mike / Photo: Getty Images

The boy was named Lucas Philip Tyndall, after his great-grandfather Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II.

He is 23rd in line to the British throne, so he is unlikely to ever lead it.

Zara Tindall with her son Lucas / Photo: Getty Images

It will be recalled that Zara suffered two miscarriages after the birth of her eldest daughter Mia in 2014 and was the first royal person to openly talk about such a sad experience.

Zara and Mike also have a younger daughter, Lena Elizabeth.

Children of Zara and Mike Tyndall / Photo: Getty Images

In August 2022, the couple first revealed what their son looks like by taking him to a sporting event in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Mike Tindall with his son Lucas / Photo: Getty Images

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