Using the exclusive powder mist soft-focus technology, it transforms from a watery texture to a velvet mist makeup after application.

NARS cloud lip gloss, 6 colors in total, 1,000 yuan each.

With the lifting of the ban on masks, lip makeup has become a popular makeup item in the new season. The professional makeup brand NARS has launched a new lip makeup series "Misty Lip Lotion", continuing the brand's best-selling lip gloss "Misty Lip Lure". The texture is thinner and lighter after the upper lip is applied. Using the exclusive powder mist soft-focus technology, it transforms from a watery texture into a velvet mist makeup effect, and adds wild mango butter extract. It can lock water and moisturize, dilute lip lines and is not easy to stick to the cup. , the custom-made double-arc fluffy brush head can fit the lip shape and accurately outline the lip line.

The whole series has a total of 6 colors, all of which are based on the pink brown that is most suitable for Asian girls, and are versatile and easy to make mistakes.

Giorgio Armani designer custom-made color-blooming eyeshadow, a total of 6 colors, each 3.9ml/1,350 yuan.

Pictured is #18 woolen oatmeal.

In addition to lip makeup, eye gloss is another key point of spring and summer cosmetics. Giorgio Armani launched a designer-made color-blooming eye gloss. Inspired by the light fabric "organza" with rippled light and shadow, it creates a new matte earth color Department of small luxury.

Armani Eye Gloss is blended with a perfect ratio formula, and contains exclusive ultra-fine pigmented powder, not only has zero powder feeling, but also has a special dewy texture that makes the eyes appear low-key foggy under the refraction of light, coupled with texture conversion technology, Instantly turns into a "super-color-holding water film" when applied, which is more skin-friendly and has zero smudges and lines, creating a perfect eye color.

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