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A heavy dose of passion, intrigue and jealousy awaits us in the next episodes of the most romantic TV adventure "The Bachelor" this week on bTV.

On Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 9:00 p.m., viewers will witness stormy emotions, painful revelations and two kisses that will cause a surprising twist in the relationships between the participants.

On Wednesday night (March 22), the evening cocktail will be held under new rules, and the girls will not be allowed to interrupt Evgeni's meetings in the garden of the mansion.

In a frank conversation with the virtuoso, one of the suitors will be painfully frank and clearly state her disapproval of his act during the ball to neglect his "students" and his decision to give the rose intended for one of them to Valeria.

What will Evgeni's reaction be and will the girl's "courage" bring tears of disappointment to her eyes? 

High tension in "The Bachelor"

During the cocktail party, the musician will make a surprising move and place himself between two of the most prominent contenders for his heart.

Whether there is a specific purpose to his act will become clear on Wednesday at 21:00 on bTV, when viewers will also witness an unexpected apology.

The evening will end with another heartbreaking Rose Ceremony, in which the charismatic "bachelor" of Bulgaria will have to choose between two of the closest girlfriends in the mansion. 

On Thursday evening (March 23), a lady who has long longed for individual solitude with Evgeni will receive her invitation to a romantic meeting.

During their idyll, the virtuoso will surprise his chosen one, literally taking matters into his own hands.

The "bachelor" will take the lady to a special dinner at his close friend's restaurant, and the irresistible attraction between them will become the occasion for more than a hot end to the romantic solitude. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the girls in the mansion will have to compete in a physical competition in a pool filled with premium "gently hydrating and delicately nourishing skin" slime.

The prize for the winner is a first personal "audience" with Evgeni and a rise in the hierarchy.

However, two of the girls will decide to break the rules, and this "disobedience" of theirs will become the reason for a real storm in the mansion of love. 

The viewers will also witness an emotional conversation between Evgeni and Pam, in which she will confess to him about the biggest betrayal in her life, which hurt her to the point of pain.

The essayist will not be able to control her emotions, and we will find out what Evgeni's reaction will be on Thursday evening at 21:00 on bTV.

The cocktail will be marked by another long-awaited kiss, which will be kept a secret, and at the end of the evening there will be a new Rose Ceremony, after which another of the contenders will have to say goodbye to Evgeni.

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