Match between the teams of Cuba and Australia, in the Fifth World Baseball Classic, held at the Tokyo Dome Stadium in the capital of Japan, on March 15, 2023. Photo: Roberto Morejón Rodríguez (Jit Inder Newspaper)

Those who have spent millions to destroy the relationship of Cubans with identity traditions such as baseball lost.

They couldn't stand that we were in the semifinals of the World Classic.

Whatever happened, our team had already won a lot for Cuba: it has made us proud to be Cuban, shared joy inside and outside our borders, and confirmed that we were not wrong when summoning everyone who feels motivated to carry the four letters with respect. on his chest.

The heirs of the Batista supporters, sowers of hatred against Cuba, who sent their employees to the stadium to exhibit the intolerance, violence and extremism that have always championed them in their resentment against a people that they have not been able to subdue even with the support of the government, lost. Most powerful government in history.

No one thinks they don't get paid for their antics.

We recover the ball as a factor of social cohesion.

We won the dream of making a big return to international baseball and that the new generations reconcile with our national sport and see idols and satisfaction in it.

Much remains to be done, but today Cuba is more Cuba and knows better those who do not want it to be.

(Taken from The Sleepless Pupil)