Apple iPhone has won 75% of the global high-end mobile phone market.

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According to the latest report released by the market research organization Counterpoint, global smartphone sales in 2022 will drop by 12% compared to 2021, but the global high-end mobile phone market (referring to the sales price of more than US$600, about NT$18,000 or more) sales will increase by 1 %, showing that the buying momentum of high-end mobile phones is not affected by factors such as economic downturn and inflation.

The data also shows that high-end mobile phones accounted for 55% of the total global mobile phone revenue, which is the first time in history, and it also means that high-end mobile phones accounted for more than one-fifth of the total global mobile phone sales.

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The main reasons for the growth of high-end mobile phones against the trend include that although the overall global economy was sluggish last year, wealthy consumers were obviously less affected, and as mobile phones are more important in daily life, consumers are more inclined to buy High-end mobile phones, and then there is an increasing demand for high-end mobile phones in emerging countries.

The biggest beneficiary is Apple's iPhone. Apple's market share of high-end mobile phones has reached a new high of 75%. The report also pointed out that if the supply of the iPhone 14 Pro series was not ideal last year, Apple's growth may be slow higher.


From this point of view, the Android camp only accounts for 25% of the high-end mobile phone market, with Samsung the highest, but only 16% in the world. The two brands of Honor and Honor are showing growth.

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