[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] A while ago, Wang Xiaofei and Big S had a lot of housework. Wang Xiaofei's mother, Zhang Lan, often interfered with it, consuming topics between the two to increase the sales of live broadcasts.

Zhang Lan announced in the live broadcast that she would keep her mouth shut and not mention housework, but netizens didn't appreciate it, and dug up her suspected debt of 3 billion yuan, and transferred it to Wang Xiaofei's account to keep her property. Zhang Lan responded to this.

Zhang Lan (right) said she was not in debt.

(Turn over Weibo)

According to a report from China Caijing.com, a judgment from a U.S. court showed that Zhang Lan lost the lawsuit in 2019. The other party was the acquisition of South Beauty CVC Fund Company. Zhang Lan owed the other party US$142 million (about NT$4.3 billion) because of the loss. For this reason, Zhang Lan transferred about 90 million Taiwan dollars of assets to an overseas family trust account. The beneficiary was her son Wang Xiaofei, who also transferred the funds to buy New York real estate. However, the court determined that Zhang Lan transferred into a private account. A house in New York, the address is 20 West 53rd Street, New York, apartment 39A, and the proceeds from the sale of the house will also be returned to the company.

For this, Zhang Lanbiao scolded, "I don't owe anyone, how could I bow to the evil forces!"

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