Researchers say that if you use the healing power of nostalgia, you can stay calm, energetic and healthy for many years.

Womans World tells how enjoying the past can improve your present.

So, let's see what nostalgia gives us.

Accelerates weight loss

Do you remember the childhood pastime of stretching out on the grass and looking at the sky, looking for shapes in the clouds?

Taking a break each day for this type of relaxation, whether you're cloud-studying or just taking a nap, reduces stress, which can help you lose weight faster, according to a study published in Obesity Reviews.

Even brief moments of rest signal your nervous system to shut down the production of stress hormones that slow down your metabolism.

Restores self-control

Re-read your favorite children's book or watch your favorite TV series if you feel anxious and lack concentration.

It can help you feel more in control, according to a study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

This is because immersing yourself in a familiar setting with your favorite characters and an already familiar storyline allows you to completely relax and feel confident without worrying about what will happen next.

Gives a surge of energy

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Scientists at the University of Michigan in the field of gerontology and geriatric medicine say that regular conversations or meetings over a cup of coffee with old friends can reduce fatigue.

They explain that spending time with people who bring you joy reduces feelings of loneliness, which can lead to fatigue and depression.

Hanging out with friends can make your brain release dopamine, which helps you feel energized.

Accelerates falling asleep

Donuts, macaroni and cheese, chocolate chip cookies — try eating some of your favorite childhood food a few hours before bedtime.

Research shows it can help you fall asleep faster: An article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition notes that simple carbs help release the calming and sleep-inducing hormone serotonin.

Improves sleep

Spending a little time each night wrapped in your favorite cozy blanket doesn't just relax you, it can warm you from the inside out, gently lulling you to sleep, says sleep consultant Alanna McGinn.

She explains that our childhood association with being wrapped in a blanket signals our brain that it's time to sleep, and the pressure and warmth help it produce sleep-inducing hormones.

Strengthens the immune system

Playing light-hearted children's board games like Monopoly, Traps and Ladders, or Challenges is fun and stress-relieving.

And regularly avoiding stress can prevent colds and viruses, say researchers from the journal Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences.

They explain that constant stress can damage the body's immune response.

Relieves pain

Do you remember the excitement when listening to your favorite song on the radio?

Hearing a song that you associate with past happy times can transport you to another place and potentially help you cope with pain, according to a 2020 study in Frontiers in Psychology.

Scientists explain that nostalgia by thinking about positive past memories can reduce the severity of pain.

Nostalgia activates the thalamus, which is associated with the reception of pain.

Increases purposefulness and self-esteem

Nostalgia can increase focus, according to a study published in the scientific journal Memory.

So, dust off your old Rubik's Cube.

The researchers explain that focusing on the appearance of a toy that evokes happy memories can boost self-esteem, mood and sense of social connection.

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