Lafayer launched a new powder-free dry shampoo to save oily hair.

For people with oily scalp and fine hair, it is obvious that they have to wash their hair, but as soon as the weather turns hot, the hair will instantly flatten, barcode bangs appear on the forehead, and the scalp even emits a peculiar smell, which is disturbing. At this time, "dry shampoo" Then he became the god's helper to save the oily head.

NATURIA Elf Grass Capsule Dry Shampoo (no rinse), 200ml/1,180 yuan.

French hair care expert Rene Furterer combined the concepts of cleanliness, veganism and environmental protection, and launched a new dry shampoo "NATURIA Grass Capsule Dry Shampoo", which advertises oil control with one spray, ends sticky scalp, straight hair roots, and can be used as a styling tool at the same time It is also suitable for rearranging hair after sports, outdoor activities, and motorcycle commuting.

This product is a vegan plant-extracted ingredient. The extremely fine rice starch powder mist can absorb the scalp oil and dirt, making the hair roots fluffy and reappearing. In addition to balancing and purifying the scalp, the organic lavender flower water can also moisturize the hair. Organic castor Sesame oil is rich in vitamin E, minerals and fatty acids, cares for the scalp and repairs damaged hair.

The body of the spray bottle is made of 100% recycled raw materials, reducing the use of plastic and supporting environmental sustainability.

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After using dry shampoo, the original flat hair is restored to fresh and fluffy.

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