Nevertheless, sooner or later you may encounter this problem, which usually occurs in Ariston washing machines immediately after the main wash cycle you have chosen (before rinsing and spinning) has been completed in the corresponding mode.

After that, washing machines need to be repaired in a service center.

First you need to understand the problem.

Before washing, extraneous sounds may be heard:

  • characteristic screeching;

  • rhythmic knocking;

  • rattle and crackle.

Causes of an error during the operation of the washing machine

Usually, a breakdown of this type means that the drain pump is faulty, the water from the tank does not drain, and the laundry cannot be retrieved.

Traditionally, the causes of this type of malfunction can be contamination of the drain hose, clogging of the drain filter or problems with the connection to the sewage system.

Also, the cause may be the failure of the pressure switch or insufficient energy being supplied to it (the sensor does not function due to insufficient power).

To begin with, users can try to solve this problem on their own, without resorting to the expensive services of masters.

Options for solving the problem

You can fix the error by following these steps.

To begin with, you should restart the machine by turning it off for a few minutes from the network and turning it on again.

This will reset the settings and wash programs in use.

If the reboot didn't help, then the next step is to check the drains for blockages.

It's easy to do: you need to take the end of the hose from the sewer, take it to the toilet, for example, and put the machine on the spin program.

Did the water squeeze out and start the drain mode?

Does the water flow normally from the drain hose?

The problem is a clogged sewer pipe that needs to be cleaned.

If water does not come from the drain hose, there are two options: the hose is clogged or the drain filter located at the bottom of the machine body behind the cover.

After cleaning the main filter and rinsing the hose, it is necessary to start the washing program again.

A clogged hose and drain filter are the most common causes of this error in the Ariston machine.

If cleaning does not help, you should check the wires and contacts for damage, deformation and breakage.

Connections of the control module with the pressure switch and the pump must be reliable: otherwise, these main modules begin to work incorrectly.

When all the above-mentioned actions did not give results, it is not worth trying to understand more complex reasons on your own.

The best solution would be to contact an authorized service center in your city.

A professional master will easily eliminate the problem.

Such repair of washing machines can be done at home.

It takes 1-2 hours.