On March 15, a Russian spy network was discovered in Poland, which was preparing sabotage in the country.

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mariusz Kaminsky, the main goal of the group was to sabotage aid to Ukraine, as well as to promote anti-Western sentiments.

A day after the detentions, Belarusian pro-government Telegram channels announced that among the nine detainees, three were citizens of Belarus.

We are talking about

Mykolai Maskalenko

(born in 1971),

Vladislav Pasmytyukha

(born in 1994) and Maria


(born in 2004).

The Polish authorities do not name names, limiting themselves to the information that all the detainees come from countries beyond the "eastern border".

Last week, Svaboda wrote in detail about Vladislav Pasmityukha and Maria Medvedeva, and now we have received some information about Mykolais Maskalenko.

"Experienced shuttler, long-distance driver.

Yes, just a man in the prime of his life," they said about Mikalai Maskalenko on the "Belarus-1" TV channel.

With the help of "Cyberpartisans", Svaboda learned that Mykolai Moskalenko was born in Ukraine, but always lived in Brest.

At least since 2005, Mikalai Moskalenko worked at the Brest company "Compa".

From 2010, he was the deputy director there.

"Compa" is a well-known enterprise in Brest.

The company was founded back in 1991.

The main goal is to provide enterprises, primarily the food industry, with high-tech equipment.

The company worked throughout the entire post-USSR territory, reaching out to other continents as well.

Today, for example, there is a branch of "Compa" in Mexico.

The founder of the company is engineer Mikhail Belavusov.

He comes from Rostov-on-Don, Russia.

He ended up in Brest as a result of redistribution, but he stayed there.

Belavusov died in 2021.

Belavusov's daughter, Ela Dzhangozava, became the new director of the company.

Dzhangozawa is a nickname for her new husband.

Mykola Moskalenko was the first.

The couple has two children.

Grandfather Mikhail Belavusov said this about his grandchildren: "The grandchildren were born in a well-off, materially successful family."

At one time, Mikalai and Ela Maskalenka were simultaneously deputy directors at the enterprise, respectively, in the father-in-law and father-in-law.

The company "Compa" is very well known among the Brest vertical.

For example, the "Man of the Year of Brest region" for 2018 was awarded to Mikhail Belavusau, the award was personally presented to him by the then chairman of the regional executive committee, Anatol Lis ().

The chairman of the Brest City Executive Committee Alyaksandar Raghachuk, as well as other government officials, starred in the campaign's promotional video.

"We help our native city as much as we can," Belavusov said about interaction with the Brest authorities.

The frequent replacement of passports by Mykola Maskalenko is most likely related to the specifics of work and frequent business trips.

It is known that Mikalai Maskalenko and Emma Maskalenko divorced at the end of 2014.

From that moment on, the man ceased to appear in the position of deputy director of "Compa".

In the information that "Cyberpartisans" gave to Svaboda, there are marks opposite Maskalenka's last name - "KGB honey" and "Weapons".

This means that he was treated in the KGB hospital and had a registered weapon in his hands.

There is no other confirmation that Moskalenko worked for the KGB or somehow cooperated with it.

It is known that he left for Poland in 2021.

After that, he never returned to Belarus.

There are no accounts of Mykolai Moskalenko in social networks.