Responding to the arrival of spring, Harry Winston launched a new yellow diamond necklace, bringing out the colors of the spring sun.

The brand-new LARIAT yellow diamond necklace, the main stones are both 10.88 carat yellow diamonds and white diamonds, which is really rare.

What color is spring in your memory?

Under the definition of "King of Diamonds" Harry Winston (Harry Winston) inspired by the bright sun, the answer is "yellow", so the grand launch of the top jewelry series of yellow diamonds as dazzling as the sun, including two new yellow diamonds The diamond necklace, and four classic yellow diamond rings and earrings were simultaneously exposed again. Before the summer, through the warm and dazzling yellow diamonds, they achieved the baptism of changing time series.

Oval-cut yellow diamond and diamond necklace, 13 oval-shaped yellow diamonds are ingeniously scattered among white diamonds, achieving different carves and color levels.

The two new yellow diamond necklaces have different styles. The main stone of the new LARIAT yellow diamond necklace is a pear-shaped cut top yellow diamond and a pear-shaped cut diamond, both of which are 10.88 carats. A round brilliant cut diamond, worn around the neck, sparkles from every angle.

In terms of details, the prongs and base of the drop-shaped yellow diamond are made of 18K gold, while the base of the drop-shaped diamond is made of platinum, creating a color echo and showing Harry Winston's exquisite inlay technology.

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Harry Winston's classic yellow diamond works are exposed again, and the yellow diamond ring with Raiden cut is extraordinary.

The same turner also launched a white diamond model.

Another brand-new oval-cut yellow diamond and diamond necklace, playing cutting tricks to create a visual hierarchy, it can be seen that 13 yellow diamonds with a total weight of 12.72 carats are warm and oval-shaped, and the size and proportion are perfect to present the dazzling yellow diamonds. A total of 125 white diamonds with a total weight of about 28.10 carats are inlaid. Through brilliant cuts, square cuts, etc., they are matched with oval yellow diamonds to create a unique golden brilliance.

The Incredibles series cushion-cut yellow diamond earrings are also classics, and the large amount of yellow diamond main stone is very representative.

The long-lasting classics such as the yellow diamond ring, the main stone is a Raiden cut yellow diamond weighing about 15.01 carats, you can enjoy the incomparable fire of the yellow diamond from 360 degrees without any dead angle, it is a magnificent work; The Incredibles series cushion-cut yellow diamond earrings are also classic and practical. Two cushion-cut yellow diamonds weighing about 17 carats are selected, paired with two cushion-cut diamonds weighing about 3.72 carats. The sizes and colors are staggered. Achieve perfection.

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