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"We have a lot of sick children, and there is a big crowd in front of the offices.

We have scarlet fever, chicken pox and COVID-19.

Mostly the children are sick", said general practitioner Gergana Nikolova on BTV.  

According to her, the reason is that last year we were in isolation and observed measures, and now they have fallen. 

"This period of illness will also pass.

We recommend that those children who have not had chickenpox get vaccinated.

Scarlet fever is a bacterial disease, while chicken pox is a viral disease," explained Dr. Nikolova. 

Prof. Todor Kantarjiev revealed how scarlet fever is treated and how dangerous chicken pox is

She stressed that scarlet fever should be treated with an antibiotic to kill the bacteria. 

"We have a vaccine for chicken pox, but few children are vaccinated.

She has a severe breakdown of the immune system.

Scarlet fever has a lower rate of infection than chicken pox," added the GP.  

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Dr. Gergana Nikolova