I had left 78 million for the road, but they left.

Smolyan-Devin, Smolyan-Dospat, Devin-Krichim were pits.

To Dospat, to Krastova gora up... and we must go further, Zlatograd-Xanthi, Rudozem-Xanthi - it's done, it's done, we even installed computers - but it doesn't work.

I remember all this because of everything from the swimming pool, to the ring road, to the steep street.

BGN 135 million was for the region.

Halls, kindergartens were made for each city - a miracle.

Let my opponents stand up and say in front of the media: What have you done, mother's son?

We invested half a billion in the Rhodopes to catch up, new roads everywhere.

This was stated by GERB leader Boyko Borisov in Smolyan in front of a full hall of citizens