"Little Liu Doctor" Liu Zongyu (right) not only serves as the medical consultant in "Peaceful Return", but also plays the role of an internist, teaching rookie doctor Huang Xinhao (left) suture skills.

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[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taipei Report] The album "International Bridge Club" rumor "Peaceful Return" is based on the 2003 SARS epidemic in Taiwan. Consultant, and also played a cameo role. Netizens joked that he is a professional in Taiwanese medical dramas; Guan Jiayu scolded rookie Huang Xinhao for throwing down his medical records and made himself splattered with blood; the second episode will be broadcast on the 25th. Zhang Shiying's interpretation of the domineering role is too successful. Asking "Can you scold me?"

"Little Doctor Liu" Liu Zongyu was in the teaching stitching process of "Peaceful Return", the director did not call the card for a long time, but fortunately she reacted quickly on the spot and continued to add lines by herself.

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Liu Zongyu's book "A Runaway Female Surgeon Comes to the Village" was remade by PTV as a medical staff drama of the same name and received a lot of praise. This time she also participated in the crew of "Peaceful Return" as a medical consultant, and also played a guest role as a physician in the drama In front of the camera, he taught the rookie doctor played by Huang Xinhao the suture technique. During the teaching process, the lines were all finished, but it was too late to wait for the director to call. , which greatly appreciated all the staff present, and was praised as a professional in Taiwan's medical dramas.

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The actor Guan Jiayu, who was born in the 8 o'clock file, plays the director of the infection department in "Peaceful Return". He said with a smile that the doctor who plays this time does not need to be too professional, as long as he swears.

In the face of the rookie doctor played by Huang Xinhao, who frequently sells out contracts, he is often so angry that he throws the patient face to face, and even had a blood spattering accident because of this. My hands got scratched too many times.” Huang Xinhao, who played the opposite scene, also felt distressed, and shared that there were a few scenes where Guan Jiayu scolded too excitedly when he was reprimanded, causing saliva to be sprayed carelessly, which made the originally serious atmosphere Instantly turned into comedy.

Guan Jiayu (middle) plays the director of the infection department in "Return of Peace", reprimanding the rookie doctor played by Huang Xinhao (left) for falling and being scratched and splattered with blood by the metal medical record plate.

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In the preview of the second episode, you can see Zhang Shiying playing the role of the director of the Beishi Health Bureau in the play. She interprets the powerful aura of the character vividly. She often has an aggressive and domineering attitude when working with her subordinates. Many viewers expressed that Quite looking forward to it.

After the first broadcast last Saturday, the crew held a post-screening and simultaneous online live broadcast at the Wanguo Theater in Chiayi, and invited Zhang Shiying to participate.

During the process, I also met an enthusiastic fan who asked Zhang Shiying in public, "Can you scold me on the spot?" Zhang Shiying couldn't laugh or cry, but she still took out a short impromptu scolding on the scene of the actor's professional scene, and said the character's catchphrase "brain?" ?!", making all the audience excited.

Zhang Shiying plays the director of the Taipei City Health Bureau in "Peaceful Return".

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Zhang Shiying said frankly that when she first received this role, she did her homework to research the character's background and learning experience, "I spent a little time before the performance to think about the possibility of this character and what environment she might be in. I grew up, and what kind of character did I develop because of it.” And considering the time and space background at that time, almost all politicians were men, which made this character only go forward when making any decisions, and did not easily show weakness or make corrections.

Zhang Shiying also broke the news that the character was even more annoying when she received the first version of the script. She said with a smile: "But the director may have found out with conscience, and then added another scene to give the character a chance to be understood." She strongly appealed to the audience. "Must keep reading!"

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