Contemporary theater master Rob.

Stills from Le Page's new creation "Courville 1975: Waves of Youth".

(© Christophe Raynaud de Lage, courtesy of Weiwuying)

[Reporter Su Funan/Kaohsiung Report] The master of contemporary Canadian theater, Rob.

Robert LEPAGE, once again visited Weiwuying, Kaohsiung, and his new creation "Courville 1975: The Wave of Youth" will have its Asian premiere at Weiwuying Drama Theater starting from the 24th.

In 2018, Lepage made his debut on the Weiwuying stage with "887". The magical visual scheduling and precise narrative rhythm amazed the audience. The Volcano Theatre, the French National Comet Theater and the Taichung National Opera House co-produced "Courvier 1975: The Wave of Youth", allowing domestic audiences to enjoy the master's new work first.

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Wei Wuying said that the story of "Ku" took place in 1975 in the Canadian countryside that no longer exists. The protagonist Simon just turned 17 years old. The key echoes in life are like the contemporary "The Sorrows of Young Werther".

Lepage and his team once again challenged the innovative interpretation techniques. Instead of live-action dolls, the idea comes from Bunraku, Japan. The puppeteer in black behind the scenes presents lifelike puppet movements, matched with set props made in equal proportions. The stage is built with a lifting double-layer platform, which allows the scene to quickly switch between the protagonist Simon's basement room and upstairs, town, school, swimming pool and other spaces, showing a precise and magical style.

The play "Library" will be performed at the Weiwuying Drama Theater from the 24th to the 26th. After the performance on the 24th, Lepage and Geng Yiwei, the theater consultant of Weiwuying, will have a post-performance discussion. Lecture", Le Page will share his writing, directing and acting experiences, as well as his creative thinking process.

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