Opening the evening drama of Channel 7 Kob-Papatsara Post presenting the drama "Song Thanong" couple Phranang Mek-Jutti and Mamiew-Porchada and highlight Nong Nuea-Disraya

My beloved daughter debuts the first story.

Hot did not stop the story about Nikki & Koi breaking up, which Nun-Sutthipha, who became a defendant in society, posted that he and Nikki were in love like siblings.

Didn't return home on time.

There is a problem" it true?

While on the side of the female power gang, Koi-Aratchaporn's friends could not stand it, expressing many comments.

which has a message

"No one breaks up because they don't come home on time"

The singer was threatened continuously. Recently, Jazz Chuan Chuen sang on stage and a girl came to ask for secret things.

before grabbing a hand full of heat until the wife came out to post and warn her husband to learn to say "no" sometime!

This kind of story, Jazz, is not the first case. Ja-Nongpanee said that he had been hit a long time ago when he went to a concert and someone onlookers wanted to touch secret things, the guards banned him, but he still wanted to catch him.

So I kicked until my legs were horny and my ears were torn!