[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] The South Korean women's group BLACKPINK sang at Kaohsiung National Stadium and came to Taiwan to hold two concerts. The first performance last night was full of stars, including Yang Jinhua, Guo Shuyao, Yang Youning, Lin Peiyao and other artists appeared. Even Guo Taiming's beloved wife, Zeng Xinying, was there to chase stars.

Zeng Xinying (left), Lin Peiyao.

(file photo)

Zeng Xinying posted a video on IG's limited action. I saw her in the rock area in front of the stage, directly posting clips of Jenny, Jisoo and other members singing at close range, and even posted a precious photo with BLACKPINK 4 years ago.

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Zeng Xinying posted a clip of Jenny's performance.

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Compared with Zeng Xinying's position in the rock area, "the most beautiful stewardess" Lin Peiyao was not so lucky. She appeared at the venue in a sexy bakuchichi dress. She did not expect that the position was too far behind and was frequently blocked by fans in front.

Lin Peiyao went south to Kaohsiung to chase stars and catch BLACKPINK's concert.

(Flipping Facebook)

Lin Peiyao pursues stars with sexy dresses.

(Flipping Facebook)

Lin Peiyao said helplessly: "As a result, the people in front were all standing and couldn't see them at all! Thank you to the friends in front for letting me see the back of the whole night." She said that although she was blocked, the charm of BLACKPINK is still unmatched. Said straight: "Next time I will take the position a little earlier."

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