Lin Yeting, 54, is well maintained.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] South Korea’s popular girl group BLACKPINK came to Taiwan for the second time to hold a world tour. Last night (18) they sang at the Kaohsiung National Stadium. There were an influx of 45,000 people, which also attracted many artists. Lin Yeting, a fashionista who is passionately in love, also brought his son together to become "BLINK (fan nickname)", and the 54-year-old frozen age beauty unexpectedly sparked heated discussions.

Lin Yeting and his son Qiu Yitai made a pilgrimage to the BLACKPINK concert together.

(reposted from IG) 

BLACKPINK came to Taiwan to sing for the first time in 4 years, and many celebrities also came to the scene to chase stars. Stylist Lin Yeting, who rarely appeared in front of the screen, also shared the dynamics of watching BLACKPINK's concert on IG. It can be seen that she was wearing a princess head on that day. Wearing a floral long dress, she looks full of girlishness. She also looks very excited. She did not forget to take a photo with the 23-year-old actor's eldest son Qiu Yitai. She has a well-maintained face and body, standing next to her 184 cm tall son , not at all like a mature woman who is over half a century old, which made netizens exclaim that it is unscientific. 

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In fact, Lin Yeting made her debut as a singer in her early years, and later transformed into a fashion stylist. She met Takeshi Kaneshiro who had just entered the industry. Later, the two started a sister-brother relationship with a difference of 5 years. However, the popularity of the man made her feel very inferior and afraid that she would not be good The other party, so this relationship ended without a problem.

Lin Yeting married rock singer Gao Renjie when she was 28 years old. After marriage, she gave birth to two sons one after another. Now her married life is happy and happy. The eldest son Qiu Yitai entered the show business circle, which also made her a star mother.

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