[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] BLACKPINK's concert stage is full of chaos!

When actress Jia Yongjie was exposed to the first concert, she stood in high rage to block her view from behind, and asked her to quickly post an apology. Yesterday, some people on Dcard complained that she was a follower and a one-day fan. Jia Yongjie rarely responded.

Jia Yongjie.

(File photo, photo by reporter Wang Wenlin)

Before the second concert yesterday, a netizen posted a message on her saying, "I forgot to add one more sentence, remember to sit and watch the concert." Unexpectedly, she came out to reply in person: "The boy will not follow the trend and return to Taipei today!" Positive To dry netizen.

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Jia Yongjie's pilgrimage to BP provoked a lot of discussion.

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In addition, she also spread controversy, and was questioned "I helped a friend get a public relations ticket at the last minute, and dared to post it." To this, she responded helplessly, saying that "the ticket that the beautiful girl friend can't go temporarily is to sell his sister. We I bought the ticket myself (I’m the mother with my daughter in the photo), it’s legitimate, why can’t I post it.”

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