Wu Wanjun (left) made a pilgrimage to BLACKPINK in Kaohsiung today.

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[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] South Korea's ultra-popular girl group "BLACKPINK" held a two-day concert at the main venue of the Kaohsiung World Games. Wu Wanjun also went on a pilgrimage today, but before the performance, she specially posted a message on the social platform to shout to other fans: "I'm really not tall, you Stand up and I might trip over your chair!"

Wu Wanjun mentioned: "I hope today's blink has the same style as the fans of Mayday, Jolin Tsai, and Wei Ruxuan. Let's chase stars together, don't quarrel and don't stand on chairs." She also broadcast live at the concert venue, explaining that she did not rely on privileges to buy Tickets, the tickets in my hand are tickets bought through friends through hard work.

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She also said that she has not been chasing stars for a long time, and revealed that after watching BLACKPINK's rehearsal, she felt like crying, and because of the close distance, she even met eyes with the members.

She also mentioned that she had prepared the support lights professionally, but she forgot them in the restaurant after eating at noon. Later, she wanted to buy peripheral products on the spot, but they were sold out when she arrived. In addition, she went to the bathroom before entering the venue to avoid the concert In the middle of the urgency, I ran to the men's toilet.

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