When Wu Qili gave birth to Xiaolongnv, she was burdened with a lot of scolding from the outside world.

(Hong Kong Sing Tao Daily)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report] Hong Kong star Wu Qili made martial arts star Jackie Chan "make the mistake all men in the world make". Back then, she intervened in the marriage of Jackie Chan and Lin Fengjiao and became a mistress, and gave birth to his daughter "Little Dragon Girl" "Wu Zhuolin, but recently Wu Qili and Xiaolongnv have been indifferent to each other, and they have not even contacted each other for a long time. The relationship between mother and daughter has fallen into a freezing point.

Wu Qili recently ran an online live broadcast to bring goods. A few days ago, she rarely talked about her daughter Wu Zhuolin and Jackie Chan in the live broadcast. It doesn’t matter how much, you have to experience it yourself to understand, she feels pain when she touches it, and she knows it’s wrong.”

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Wu Qili revealed that her attitude towards her daughter is no longer tough, and she also bluntly said that she has done something wrong. She knows that the way she treated her daughter was not right before, and she also thinks that her daughter is working hard to live a good life now. I hope she can take a different path. "If she faces For setbacks, I will wait at home for her return."

Hong Kong media judged that Wu Qili's attitude towards Xiaolongnv was different from the past. She publicly expressed her kindness to her daughter in the live broadcast, and seemed to intend to mend the relationship, so that the gradually deteriorating mother-daughter relationship would have room for improvement.

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