[Reporter Zhang Yiling/Taipei Report] "Eason" Eason Chan launched the "Fear and Dreams" world tour in Hong Kong last year. Due to the overwhelming response, he added all the shows to 27 shows. He also predicted that he would perform in Taiwan this year. Yesterday, his management company It was finally announced that Eason Chan will come to Taiwan in July, which made fans excited and gearing up to grab tickets.

Eason Chan.

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The last time Eason Chan sang in Taiwan was already 7 years ago. This is the 5th time to attack the egg, which makes people look forward to it, and July 27th is his 49th birthday. Many fans knocked on the bowl and wanted to celebrate his birthday in Taiwan. , I hope that there will be more shows, and tickets can be grabbed more easily.

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His tour has been well received in Hong Kong. He has always been very playful, and the encores are different every time. There is also a radio DJ who will bet on the repertoire. This time he will come to Taiwan and arrange a surprise.

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