After entering the office, office workers sit for 8 hours at a time. In addition to high stress and bad mood, metabolism also deteriorates, poor circulation in the lower limbs, and staring at the computer screen for a long time makes the eyes tired; situational photos, the people in the picture are not related to this article .

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Office workers arrive at the office early every day and sit for 8 hours. In addition to stress, bad mood, poor metabolism, poor circulation in the lower limbs, and staring at the computer screen for a long time makes the eyes tired.

Nutritionist Liu Yahui pointed out that in addition to getting up and moving at the right time, you can also eat more fruits and vegetables, fermented products, zeaxanthin foods, vitamin B complex and dairy products to supplement nutrients and relieve occupational injuries.

Liu Yahui posted on her Facebook fan page "Nutritionist Emma" that there are five common problems among office workers and the corresponding nutrients:

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●Sitting for too long:

If there is no activity for a long time, the metabolism and digestion function will deteriorate.

You can eat more fruits and vegetables to supplement dietary fiber, or take fermented products to supplement good bacteria to maintain the function of the digestive tract, such as yogurt and kimchi.

●Standing for too long:

Standing for a long time may cause swelling of the feet and poor circulation of the lower limbs. After returning home, in addition to lifting the legs and wearing elastic stockings, you can eat more potassium-containing nutrients to help drainage.

In addition, supplementing with health foods related to red grape leaves can also promote circulation in the lower extremities.

●Staring at the screen for a long time:

Staring at the computer at work and at the mobile phone after work, in addition to being exposed to a lot of blue light, the ciliary muscles of the eyes cannot relax when staring at close range for a long time.

You can look far away to relax the eye muscles, and take in lutein and zeaxanthin foods (dark green or yellow vegetables) and anthocyanins (berries) to resist blue light and promote blood circulation in the eyes.

●High pressure:

Too many things will make the body feel tired. Under high pressure, the body secretes stress hormones and consumes more vitamin B complex and vitamin C. Eat a balanced diet and eat more grains and fruits.

●Poor mood:

If you can’t feel happy at work, you can take more dairy products, supplement tryptophan to convert serotonin, supplement calcium to soothe the nerves, and maintain a good mood.

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