Professor Zhuang Cuiqing (middle) received the "Best Research Paper Award", which was jointly presented by Li Jingwei, President of Chengda Hospital (left), and Dr. Ma Kai Dong Guangyi (right).

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[Reporter Fang Zhixian/Kaohsiung Report] The second day of the joint academic lecture of the Taiwan Association of Surgeons was held today at Kaohsiung Medical University and Affiliated Hospital. Professor Zhuang Cuiqing, who received the "Best Research Paper Award" and the "Young Surgeon Research Award" "Assistant Professor Cai Zhengyu, who published inspiring papers, and Kaohsiung Chang Gung Honorary President Chen Zhaolong also shared "multi-integrated treatment experience for liver transplant patients", and Hong Ziren, deputy director of Shin Kong Hospital, talked about the current situation and future of AI smart medical care in Taiwan, All have a strong humanistic spirit.

Zhuang Cuiqing is a master of brachial plexus and facial nerve reconstruction in Taiwan. He is also the doctor with the most cases of functional free muscle flap transplantation in the world. Since 1989, he has been involved in experiments with his mentor Dr. Julia K Terzis. So far, he has presided over 35 experiments in 33 years. Research projects, 33 of which are all animal experiments.

Almost all of his research inspiration comes from the inspiration of patients.

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Zhuang Cuiqing believes that research experiments have three benefits, one is to prove whether a certain hypothesis is true; the other is to verify one's own ideas; the third is to explore a new field.

"Learn from patients, prove from experiments." He encourages everyone, whether it is for scientific research, publication of papers, job promotion, or simply like him to discover the truth of science, as long as you observe the people and things around you, you can discover the truth of the research good idea.

Assistant Professor Cai Zhengyu (middle) won the "Young Surgeon Research Award." (Photo courtesy of Gao Medical)

Cai Zhengyu, who has been involved in the research of glioblastoma multilineage (GBM) for many years, delivered a speech titled "Integrating Big Data from Basic and Clinical Research", hoping to provide new GBM treatment strategies.

He said that the United States proposed precision medicine in 2015. It is necessary to do the right treatment for the right person at the right time. Only through the integration and analysis of big data can we have a more macroscopic idea and more appropriate treatment.

Known as the "Father of Liver Transplantation in Asia", Chen Zhaolong created the first liver transplantation record in Asia in 1984, and made Taiwan the first country in Asia to enact legislation on brain-dead organ transplantation. He has performed more than 2,300 liver transplant surgeries, and even Set the world's first record with a 5-year survival rate of 93%.

He emphasized that medical treatment is the science of saving lives, and there should be no concept of hiding one's selfishness.

In the past, Taiwan went to the United States, Europe, and Japan to study, and today it should also use medical care to build bridges with the world and give back to the international community.

Vice President Tian Yufeng (left) of Chimei Hospital presented a thank you medal to President Chen Zhaolong (right) on behalf of Chimei Hospital (photo provided by Gao Medical)

Hong Ziren talked about the current situation and future of AI smart medical development in Taiwan with the title of "AI Smart Medical Development in the Post-epidemic Era", which is very in line with the needs of the trend.

He said that the reasons for the rapid growth of smart medical care in recent years include the continuous increase in the amount of medical data and the severe shortage of medical manpower. The most important thing is the improvement of computer computing power and the reduction of hardware costs, which can greatly increase the degree of "smartness" and reduce construction costs.

Hong Ziren, vice president of Xinguang Hospital, delivered a speech on "AI Smart Medical Development".

(Provided by Figure Gao Medical)

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