[Reporter Zhong Zhijun/Kaohsiung Report] South Korean girl group BLACKPINK held a concert in Kaohsiung yesterday and today, attracting 90,000 fans. However, the first performance last night attracted public resentment. The audience in the row kept standing up, so that the fans in the back row could only look at the "butts" of the fans in front. To this, the organizer LIVE NATION responded.

Enthusiastic fans want to watch BLACKPINK so much, some even "stand and watch" the whole time, without worrying about the audience in the back row.

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BLACKPINK will be singing this time, and the ticket price ranges from 2,300 yuan to 8,800 yuan. Some fans who bought a 5,800 yuan seat in Special Zone A complained helplessly. Like being poured a basin of water.

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In this regard, the organizer stated that the additional concert tonight will definitely strongly promote the work-students and staff, and called on the public to "compare their hearts to each other", saying that "it is wrong to stand on a chair, and this will definitely strengthen publicity."

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