The Polish girl Mila married a Taiwanese boy and became a Taiwanese daughter-in-law, which also made her fall in love with this land thoroughly.

(Reposted from Polish girl x Taiwanese boy traveling around the world at home Facebook)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report] Taiwanese boy Ye Shikai married his wife, Polish Mira, and they jointly ran Facebook and captured 340,000 followers. Go to the charming land of Taiwan.

On the 19th, the two established a Facebook fan page "Polish Girl x Taiwanese Boy Traveling Around the World at Home" and posted a post praising Taiwan, which resonated with a large number of netizens. She revealed that she often buys soy milk at convenience stores in Taiwan, but she is more afraid of cold drinks , every time it will be kept for a while, and then drink after the ice is defrosted.

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Ye Shikai told Mira that she could actually ask the clerk to help with microwave heating, but Mira did not dare to interact with the clerk. Fortunately, after several experiments, now whenever she went to the supermarket, the clerk would ask if she needed it without asking. Heated, which made her pleasantly surprised and moved, and shouted: "It's really considerate."

Ye Shikai (left) and his wife Mira's posts about life often resonate a lot.

(Reposted from Polish girl x Taiwanese boy traveling around the world at home Facebook)

Mira said in an unbelievable tone that this kind of thing may not be a big deal to Taiwanese, but to her, it is what she likes about Taiwan: "The relationship between people can be so harmonious and harmonious." Because in Poland When buying things in the store, Mira said that she was always very nervous, "I have to confirm in advance that I have small bills or credit cards. If you only have big bills, there is a chance that the clerk will look down on you and even refuse to sell you things."

"Of course not everyone is like this. There are quite a few friendly shop assistants in Poland, but I'm sure that every Polish person must have had many similar uncomfortable experiences." Growing up in such an environment, Mira became not good at interacting with shop assistants. , "I subconsciously fear the attitude of the clerk, who may be unfriendly."

However, in Taiwan, Mira firmly believes that she will never have to worry about this problem, "I guess Taiwanese people may be used to it, but from my point of view, having been to many places in the world, this is one of Taiwan's precious values; every time in Poland, this It’s also what I miss the most about Taiwan.”

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