• Sir Paul McCartney, 80, and his wife, Nancy Shewell, 63, go for a punt swim.

    at St. Bart

  • Handsome Shawn Mendes dated aunt Jocelyn Miranda, who is nearly 30 years his senior.

    Dodd goes to the drick with singer Sabrina Carpenter, who has a history of being a good third hand.

    Intervened between Joshua Bassett and Olivia Rodrigo, but eventually young Joshua dropped his LGBTQ cards.

Sabrina Carpenter

  • Bad Boy created part 4, will he survive? Because the protagonist Will Smith slapped Chris Rock himself on stage last year, but Martin Lawrence waited to return to the screen. The heart is broken, and Vanessa Hudgens weighs in for a long time.

    Just played with

  • The last Oscar was considered

    best of variety

    and a comeback like Brendan Fraser defeated the bully about being fat, took the title of Best Male Actor, and Michelle Yeoh, the first Asian female star to win an Oscar at the age of 60.

Olivia Rodrigo

  • Ki Hui Quan's family immigrated from Vietnam.

    At a homeless refugee camp

    Until he made it to the Oscars podium, Kee Hui played his first Indiana Jones movie 40 years ago, accidentally Harrison Ford was the announcer.

    So I jumped and kissed in the middle of the stage to disappear.

  • But then there was an unexpected Lady Gaga, wearing a sheer Versace corset dress halfway up her ass.

    Meet a photographer who knocked down a young singer

    Hurry up to help, Eta, the photographer, takes the opportunity to catch it.

    Now he called harassment.

Will Smith

super girl