BLACKPINK added a show tonight, and the fans collectively disciplined themselves to sit in their seats and cheer.

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[Reporter Zhong Zhijun/Kaohsiung Report] South Korean girl group BLACKPINK sang at the Kaohsiung National Stadium (the main stadium of the World Games) on the 18th and 19th. Due to the enthusiasm of the fans in the first show, they "stand up" to watch their idols throughout the whole process, causing chaos. Today More than half an hour after the second game started, the situation really improved a lot.

Tonight, the second BLACKPINK session started at 6:46 p.m., and after about half an hour, everyone sat obediently in their seats and tried their best to support their idols. The enthusiastic cheers replaced last night’s abuse, showing the Taiwanese fans "Highest Quality".

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Tonight is an extra show for the concert, benefiting 45,000 fans. 4 Mei Lalu has a slender waist. The music for the opening video has just played.

Compared with the performance on the first day, Simei danced harder, and the shouts from the audience continued unabated. After they brought "HOW YOU LIKE THAT", "PRETTY SAVAGE" and "WHISTLE" at the beginning, the four of them took turns speaking Korean and English to the audience. Fans greeted each other, and member Rosé said, "It's the second day of the Kaohsiung show, are you happy?" The audience cheered again.

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