Cai Changxian filmed "The Bullock Cart Comes and Goes" because of the special tanning of the character, and now his complexion is much fairer.

(Photo by reporter Hu Shunxiang)

Reporter Xiao Fangqi / Interview

Cai Changxian used cow bells as love tokens in PTV's "Ox Cart Comes and Goes". Off-screen, he and his stewardess wife Vivian have been together for 13 years. What they have is not a love token, but a "determined date". It was the Mid-Autumn Festival 13 years ago. At night, the location program was over. He wanted to have a barbecue with his friends, but he kept getting shot. Only Vivian, who was not his girlfriend, agreed, and the two had a barbecue on the top floor of Vivian’s house. At dawn, an opportunity for communication was planted.

Watching the moon on the roof and chatting until dawn, unintentionally planting willows to promote marriage

This separate barbecue "date" was the first time they really got to know each other. What's interesting is that they chatted all the way until the morning, and even scared Grandma Vivian who came to the top floor to say goodbye early in the morning. He said with a smile: "That day we watched the moon together on the top floor, Let’s talk about things on our minds, and we will be together soon.” Thanks to the Mid-Autumn Festival barbecue assists, this is also an alternative romantic memory between the two of them.

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Cai Changxian (from right) and his stewardess wife have a lovely 1.5-year-old son.

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In addition, Yang Ziyi and An Xinya became "seasick" because they borrowed their belly to give birth in "Bull Cart". Cai Changxian has been in the showbiz for more than 10 years, and asked him if he has ever been "seasick" because of filming or hosting a show?

He first responded humorously: "Of course I can't get dizzy, I will take some seasickness medicine first!" Then he said that family is his booster, so when he gets along with the opposite sex at work, he will firmly step on the bottom line, seeing so much " Cai Changxian believes that he has a firm stand on the news that the fake show is real, and he never thought that something similar would happen to him.

Reporting for the filming gives a sense of security, he hesitates to take the role in case of large-scale plots

In addition to stepping on the bottom line, Cai Changxian also gave his wife a sense of security. When receiving a role, he would report the scale and filming status in advance, so his wife was quite at ease.

When the couple occasionally watched other people's large-scale plot performances, the wife would silently say, "This doesn't seem to work well." Cai Changxian said frankly that although his wife did not limit him to take the role, if he encountered a similar script, he would hesitate again and again.

In addition to his long-term work abroad, his wife, as a flight attendant, also spends a lot of time away from Taiwan. Cai Changxian said that he used to be very afraid of his wife and often went abroad with friends of the opposite sex, worrying that she would be abducted, so he gradually deepened his wife's circle of friends, "I told her All of my friends have become good friends, and I found out that many of them are gay, so I feel very relieved.”

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